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Family Preparedness

Individual and Family Preparedness Videos: Volusia County has developed a very helpful video to prepare residents for emergencies and disasters.  The video has been broken into the following parts: 1. Developing a disaster Plan (5:11 minutes) 2. Developing a disaster supply kit (3:59 minutes) 3.  Evacuating (6:11 minutes) 4. After a disaster (7:55 minutes) At …

Neighborhood Preparedness

    “Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN) is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters.     “The Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) Program was developed by LuAn K. Johnson, PhD.  Reprinted with permission from Washington State Emergency Management Division.” Handouts: MYN Discussion Guide MYN Participant Handout MYN Meeting Reminder   Introduction to MYN     The …

Organization Preparedness

ORGANIZATIONAL PREPAREDNESS   1) Organizational Emergency Preparedness Plan: –  Emergency Preparedness Committee –  Organize to contact/assist residents or members 2) Organizational  Emergency Response Plan: –  Incident Command System –  Emergency Communication System