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Individual and Family Preparedness Videos:

Volusia County has developed a very helpful video to prepare residents for emergencies and disasters.  The video has been broken into the following parts:

1. Developing a disaster Plan (5:11 minutes)

2. Developing a disaster supply kit (3:59 minutes)

3.  Evacuating (6:11 minutes)

4. After a disaster (7:55 minutes)

At the end of the four parts is the complete video.


1.  Developing a Disaster Plan (5:17 min.)



The following aids may be helpful in developing your plan:


2. Developing a Supply Kit (3:59 min.)



The following aids may assist in developing and using your disaster supply kit: Emergency Checklist (FEMA Emergency Checklist)

These are a few of examples of the ways to cook food without power.  Many others can be found on the internet.


3.  Evacuation (6:11 min.)


Evacuation Information


4. After a Disaster (7:55 min.)




Disaster Preparedness Guide: Volusia County (Complete Video)



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