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Organization Preparedness



1) Organizational Emergency Preparedness Plan:

–  Emergency Preparedness Committee
–  Organize to contact/assist residents or members

2) Organizational  Emergency Response Plan:

–  Incident Command System
–  Emergency Communication System



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Organization Preparedness Plan

ORGANIZATION PREPAREDNESS PLAN Sample: Emergency Plan   The Emergency Preparedness and Response Committee develops the Response Plan and provides resources, communication and coordination where required.  The Leader activates the Emergency Response Plan thru the Emergency Preparedness/Response (EPR) Coordinator who keeps the Organization informed.   1.  Emergency Resource Phone numbers. a.  Volusia County Emergency Mgt. 258-4088, …

Organization Response Plan

 Organization Response Plan

Plan Template

Organization Plan Template   Use this template to download pages and make changes for your Organization’s Emergency Plan.  The Tabs represent tabs in an Emergency Plan Notebook. Title Page.doc TABLE OF CONTENTS.doc Tab 1 Emergency Plan (This is the heart of the plan – short & simple) Emergency Response Plan.doc Organization Leadership.doc Organization Pre Emergency Action …